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Nissan Fairlady Z 50th Anniversary edition
Nissan Fairlady Z 50th Anniversary edition.

For this article, we will return to Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. It was a popular event. Actually, it is popular every year! It has so many great cars and models. So why am I publishing these photos three years later? That’s a reasonable question.

Well, I was looking through an external hard drive the other day. Guess what I found? I saw a folder labeled Tokyo Auto Salon 2020. Inside were two more folders. Together they had more than 1000 photos.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 Jaguar XJR 15
Jaguar XJR 15.
Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 Rohan Bodyworks Dodge Challenger
Rohan Bodyworks Dodge Challenger.

Here are a few of them. Tell me if you like them, and I’ll put more on the website in the future. Anyway, I’m going to put one more up soon. It’ll have photos of the Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 models.

Liberty Walk Ford GT40 based Lambo Miura
Liberty Walk Ford GT40-based Lambo Miura.
Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 Tom's AU Lexus LC500
Tom's AU Lexus LC500.
Return to Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 Ferrari 488 Pista
Ferrari 488 Pista.

By the way, I used a Fujifilm X-T2 for these photos. I miss that camera. It was my first mirrorless, so I have special memories of it. I’d like to add some comments, but the event was three years ago! My memory doesn’t stretch back that far! That’s okay, but you might remember. Anyway, if you enjoyed this return to Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 leave some comments below.

Return to Tokyo Auto Salon 2020 photo gear:

  • Camera Body: X-T3
  • Lenses: XF 16-55mm F2.8 R LM WR

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