Sarue-Onishi Park: Photo guide

Sarue-Onishi Park is different from the parks I usually feature on this website. Those have something for photographers in almost every season. This one has only its cherry blossoms. If you go there with a camera, spring is the best time.

Honestly, I can’t see the appeal for photographers. Yes, throughout the year, it has everything anyone could want. If you’re going to jog, you can do it. If you want to have a picnic, you can do it. Children can run around in it. If you’re going to play tennis or baseball, you can do it (contact the park for details). You can do any activity there as long as it doesn’t annoy anyone (yes, the park rules say that!). It’s good for fun things. 

Sarue Onishi old lumber pond
The old lumber pond, now behind a fence.

There is even a clock tower in the lawn area. Tokyo Skytree is behind it, in the distance. But that, by itself, isn’t hugely interesting. For photographers, it has little appeal.

Sarue-Onishi lacks great gardens or beautiful ponds. You need to go there in spring. When the trees bloom, the park comes alive. That is the season I would always choose to photograph this park.

Japan’s Imperial Family originally owned the area. In 1924, they gave the southern part of Sarue-Onishi to the city to celebrate the Showa Emperor’s marriage. The municipal government opened it to the public in 1932. In 1981, the north side followed.

The pond in the park was once part of a lumber yard. Logs were floated in it until needed. Stones were placed on them as ballast. Many of those rocks now ring the pool. Yes, Sarue-Onishi Park has some local history.

Why do photographers like Sarue-Onishi Park?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot. The limited list includes:

  • Clocktower.
  • Cherry blossoms in spring. On Tokyo’s east side, it is one of the best places for them.
  • People playing tennis.
  • It is ideal if you need a free place to practice your model photography.

Other photo spots near Sarue-Onishi Park

Problems with the park 

  • Many mothers and their children will be in the park in the afternoon. That can make photography hard.
  • A major road splits it in two.
  • During summer, the grass can get a little high (but that mightn’t bother some people, I must admit).
  • For photography, there is little except for cherry blossoms in spring.

Sarue-Onishi Park details

See the park’s location, opening hours, and other details on the official website.

Wrapping up

Sarue-Onishi Park is an excellent place to relax if you live in the area or not too far away. But, if you are looking for a park to photograph, go in spring when the cherry blossoms bloom. Its trees are magnificent.

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