Saxophone concert at Kyu-Iwasaki Gardens

A saxophone concert at Kyu-Iwasakai Gardens? Yes, there was in autumn 2016. Ueno Gakuen University brought out its best musicians. The weather was warm. So 100-strong crowd enjoyed some wonderful music on the lawn. It was a fantastic afternoon of laidback entertainment.

The mansion in the gardens was the perfect place for the concert. English architect Josiah Conder designed it in the nineteenth century. It is a beautiful building that oozes old-world charm.

The audience sat on the grass while the ensemble played on the veranda. Pieces included “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin and a great Glen Miller medley. During breaks, the conductor explained various facts about the group, the saxophone, and the music. It was a relaxing afternoon.

Ueno Gakuen University is well-known for its music faculty. One of its graduates is Nobuyuki Tsuji. He was a gold medalist at the 2009 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Nobuyuki might have been born blind, but that hasn’t held him back. Now he is a world-famous pianist and composer. I’m sure that some of the musicians who performed this weekend will follow in his footsteps.

And to let you know, I didn’t take these photos with a Fujifilm camera. I took them with a Pentax K-3 and the 18-135 mm lens. But, when I re-edited them, I applied a Fujifilm film simulation. So maybe they are hybrids?

There is nothing wrong with Pentax photos. I just like Fujfilm’s more, plus its simulations allow more options. And it also allows this blog to have a uniform look. Anyway, that is my choice.

Still, I would like to buy into the Pentax system again one day. They make some excellent cameras. When I think of them, I have some feelings of nostalgia. One day, I’ll put my thoughts into an article.

Saxophone concert at Kyu-Iwasaki Gardens photo gear:

Camera body: Pentax K-3

Lens: Pentax-DA 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 ED AL [IF] DC WR


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