Shibuya Halloween Eve 2019 was a spooky spectacle

Shibuya Halloween Eve 2019 was a huge street party. As always, I went to this “prequel” for the main event which was on the 31st. It was quiet due to the heavy police presence but insanely crowded! The year might have set a record for attendance. It was another good year for cosplay photography!

Shibuya Halloween Eve 2019 Crossing crowd
A Shibuya Crossing Halloween crowd.

To be honest, I thought with the extremely heavy police, crowd attendance might suffer. But I was very, very wrong. Halloween cosplayers were out in force! No one would get in the way of their fun.

I tried getting into Center-Gai, but there were so many people. It was literally a sea of human bodies.  It was impenetrable so I walked around to the Seibu Department store to see what I could find.  It was filled with a friendly crowd, probably the best I’ve ever met for this event (and that is saying something!).  A lot of people were willing to talk and have their photos taken, which was fun.

As always, some people looked sexy and cute, others looked weird and bizarre and a few looked scary! And yes, there was everything and everyone else in between! Many had put a lot of time and effort into their outfits.

Best costume at Shibuya Halloween Eve 2019

My “Best Outfit” award went to Jack Sparrow! I only had time to get two quick shots of him, but he got his costume 100% right! The braids and boots, along with everything else, was amazing. He would have been right at home on a pirate ship!

pirate cosplayer
Jack Sparrow?

Problems on the night

The only problem was crowd control. The streets were overflowing with people. The number of people between the station, Hachiko, Shibuya Crossing, and Center Gai was incredible. I wanted to get past Starbucks, but with the human sea there, it was impossible. To be honest, a little dangerous. That area is a bottleneck and will forever cause problems.

Wrapping up

Anyway, Shibuya Halloween Eve 2019 was fun and one of the world’s most incredible street parties. I wonder what future events will bring! If have any questions or comments, leave them below.

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