Shinjuku at Night: a photo walk

Shinjuku at night. Many street photographers start to drool when they hear those words. Actually, the first time I went to the city was in 1991, during the bubble period. I had a job interview at a school. It was my first solo trip there. Every other time had been with my girlfriend. I was apprehensive. The place was so big. Would I get lost in all the alleys?  

That’s a story for another time. Well, when I finished the interview, it was night. I left the building and headed to Yasukuni-Dori to return to Shinjuku Keio station. On the way, I looked around and saw the neon lights. The street was a fantasy land.

It was easy to get excited. Everything was new. There were the izakayas, zillions of taxis, and so many shops. Brisbane would have closed by that time. Have you ever tried to find an open coffee in that city after 4 pm? Not Shinjuku. Everything was open!

When I was younger, I thought I was immune to shopping. But, the many big brand shops like Louis Vuitton, Bvlgari, and Chanelle bedazzled me. There were so many. It was an experience.  1991 Tokyo was all glamour and glitz.

More than thirty years have passed. The bubble economy has gone, and the pandemic has been here for two years. Japan has become more pessimistic. But not Shinjuku. It is still the place for business or pleasure. Even on a Sunday night, it pulls people.

Night comes, and the people fill its streets. They go to Kabukicho and Omoide Yokocho for something to eat and drink. Everyone searches for a good time. Even on a Sunday night, Shinjuku at night is busy. Well, it is still missing the tourists.

Shinjuku is still one of my favorite places in Tokyo, even after thirty years. Each part of it has its vibe. Where do I like in particular? I wish I could answer you, but I can’t as I enjoy them all. Walk around with a camera in hand. There is so much to shoot. Eastside, west side, north or south. Anywhere you go, you’ll find something of interest.

When I went to Shinjuku for this article on May 16, 2022, I planned to get pictures from every area. That proved impossible, as I knew it would be. I tried hard, but the area around the station is too large. There are too many things to see. And I’m limited in how many photos I can place here.

Will there be another Shinjuku at Night?

Don’t worry. I will be back there again. Photography at night is fascinating and makes for beautiful photos.  Recently I went to Shibuya to do a similar thing. Hopefully, this will become a regular thing for me; night walks in Tokyo.

Wrapping up

Anyway, I hope you the enjoy Shinjuku at Night photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. One last thing, if you are wondering about the Robot Restaurant in Kabukicho, it seems to be gone. If you have any information about it, please let me know.

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