Shinjuku Gyoen Chrysanthemum Festival starts autumn

In autumn 2020, things started to return to normal. The weather was improving, the rain lessened, and the temperatures dropped. We say goodbye to hot summer and hello to my favorite time of year. The Shinjuku Gyoen Chrysanthemum Festival kicks things off! It’s another great event for flower photographers in Tokyo.

The park is always lovely, but 2020 was special. Beautiful skies and cool temperatures combined to make it a fantastic day. I doubt I have ever seen better conditions at the park to look at the chrysanthemums. It was perfect.

And the crowd? Always laidback with a mostly older group of people. A few younger couples that seemed to be there on dates were in the mix too. And a few photographers, including myself, were thrown in for good luck.

The flowers were the stars, though. They looked outstanding. Many different types were there, including the  Edo-Giku, ozukuri, and kengai. The kengai were my favorite. Their smaller flowers have started to grow on me (pardon the pun). Japanese chrysanthemums are gorgeous.

This time I also saw a couple of staff tending to the plants. That was a first for me. In past years, they seemed to keep out of sight. But, this time, they were there! Their work intrigued me. Some of their tools seemed very specialized.

And while walking through the Japanese garden, I noticed a few things. In the past, I never saw the little streams that ran through it. There are a couple that join the bigger ponds. Shinjuku Gyoen gets more attractive every time I go. It’s the type of place where when you think you know everything, something else appears to surprise you.

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