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Shinjuku Southern Terrace lights up for Christmas in 2016

Shinjuku Southern Terrace has always been popular in Tokyo for Christmas.  Lights adorn the trees and bathe them in a pretty glow.  Many people go to see them.

people walk between trees on Shinjuku Southern Terrace_
Krispy Kreme Donuts onShinjuku Southern Terrace_

I’ve been to the terrace many times, but 2016 was my first time for this Christmas event, and I was impressed.  Lights ups are very popular in Japan, as they attract huge numbers of people! Some photographed them, and others spent time with someone special.  A few seemed to be killing time before having a night on the town.  And I’m also sure that Krispy Kreme, which is right in the middle of the area, was happy, as it was pretty crowded. 

people taking photo of Christmas lights
People on Shinjuku's Southern Terrace in winter

Even though I love photography, I admit that I’m not the most creative type.  I was hesitant to shoot when I arrived as I had no idea how to shoot the lights! I’d never photographed a place like that before.  But I walked around and studied those taking pictures. There were so many people taking pictures.  Most people had smartphones, but some had DSLRs and a few more with tripods.  It was interesting and educational. 

people on Shinjuku Southern Terrace in December
Christmas lights on Shinjuku Southern Terrace_

This event made me start thinking about taking a tripod to them.  Yes, they are another piece of kit to carry, but they give you two important benefits:

people looking at Christmas decorations
Christmas light on Shinjuku Southern Terrace_
  • As the camera has support, you’ll be able to use lower ISO
  • You can get creative with slower shutter speeds

Many areas around Tokyo light up over the Christmas season and into January.  Marunouchi, Shibuya, Midtown and Harajuku also put on shows.  And if you’ve been to any of these events, please share your experiences.

light-adorned trees over crowd

Where is Shinjuku’s Southern Terrace?

It is over the road from JR Shinjuku’s south exit, near Takashimaya, the department store.  Here is a Google map:

You can leave any comments and questions below. 

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