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A day with Showa Memorial Park’s tulips

A day with Showa Memorial Park’s tulips!  With their arrival, the world exploded into color.  Spring is well and truly here.  Flower photographers were in their seventh heaven.  

yellow tulip flowers at Tokyo Park

I love tulips, but they give me a problem.  All the famous gardens are far from my apartment in Takaido.  Showa Memorial’s is closest, and it is a thirty-minute train trip.  And that time doesn’t include walking to and from stations.

Showa Memorial Park red tulips

Other famous tulip gardens are much further.  The next is in Hamura City.  That’s about one hour from my house.  At least it is on a branch of the Chuo line from Tachikawa.  The ones in Yokohama and Chiba are much further.

For this visit, the weather was great.  It was perfect for flower photography.  There were a few clouds, but not too many.  Jackets weren’t needed as it was a warm day.  I was happy.  

tulips and cherry blossoms at Showa Memorial Park

The spring tulips covered a large area of the park.  There were so many colors.  I thought rainbows had been fallen on the grounds.  They were beautiful.   Hopefully, the staff gets rewarded for their efforts.  

tulip flowers at Showa Kinen Park

It was hard to believe how many people were there.  I went on a Wednesday, and it was extremely crowded.  What would it look like on weekends?  Obviously, it leads to problems for flower photographers. 

Showa Memorial Park tulips and cherry blossoms

By that, I mean many people will end up in your frame.  Most of us won’t like that.  We want to photograph flowers, not people.  So if you are looking for the best tulip pictures, wait until late in the afternoon.  Wait until as late as possible.  

Once people start to leave, the area will begin to empty.  The only problem will be the time because the park gates are rather far from the tulip gardens.  You need to be out before everything closes.

Showa Memorial Park tulips flowers near pond

Here is one last thing about the tulip garden.  Unfortunately, you can’t use tripods.  You can use them in most other park areas, but not there.  Sad but true.

While the flowers looked great, a few hadn’t bloomed, so I hope to go again.  It would be great to photograph the tulip flowers of Showa Memorial Park at their best.  Will my schedule allow it?  We’ll have to wait and see.

Showa Memorial Park tulip garden

Tips for shooting Showa Memorial Park’s tulips

  • Where is Showa Memorial Park?  My complete article is here.
  • Tripods are not allowed.
  • Admission costs:  450 yen for adults
  • Best time to photograph the tulips?  My advice is to shoot later in the afternoon.
  • Nishi-Tachikawa Station is closest to a park gate and the tulip fields.
people photographing tulip flowers

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If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have been to Showa Memorial Park’s tulip gardens, let us know your thoughts.

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