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Snow turned Tokyo into a winter wonderland

Not since 2018 did Tokyo have snow like this.  More than 10 centimeters fell on January 7, and it caused havoc.  Luckily I had a day off.  For me, there is nothing worse than snow and ice.  The day after, though, I have to admit that the winter wonderland it creates does look beautiful. 

Tokyo snow at dawn

I probably should have gone outside and taken photos or videos.  But, many years ago, I slipped on ice in Tokyo and injured myself.  Well, I doubt a bruised tailbone counts as a genuine injury.  It was hard walking for a couple of weeks, though.  Still, it put a fear into me.

Yesterday more than fifty people fell on the ice and ended up in hospital.  I didn’t want to join them.  My kotatsu seemed the better option.

Not taking photos in the snow played on my mind.  I knew I missed a perfect opportunity to have gotten something special.  So I resolved to get up at dawn and at least go to my roof.  The day after a snowfall is usually good.

snow on Tokyo houses

Well, my rooftop was scary.  Of course, it is open to the sky.  Snow and ice were everywhere.  My worst nightmare!  It wasn’t going to stop me from getting my pictures, though.  

Slowly, slowly, inch by inch, I moved over the ice to the fence.  My shoes slipped a little, but there were no falls.  I’m glad no one was there to see me.  My slowness must have looked ridiculous.

Tokyo snow sunrise

It was worth it because Tokyo looked like the proverbial winter wonderland.  With the sun casting its rays over the houses, everything looked beautiful.  The morning was glorious.

There had been enough traffic on Inokashira-Dori (Inokashira Road) to clear the snow.  Everything else, though, was white.  Still, there was no way I would go out into that icy hell!!  With another day off, I returned to the safety of my apartment.

Tokyo winter morning

So I made my way back to the door and the elevator beyond.  My apartment was relatively warm.  I stayed there another day.  The snow might have turned Tokyo into a winter wonderland, but I prefer my kotatsu.

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