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Soccer at Yokohama Country and Athletic Club

On March 20, 2021, I photographed more soccer.  I saw two Footy Japan Competition games that day.  But this article is only about one of them.  The teams involved were Division 2 Jetro FC and Suns FC.  Both of them were very good and aggressive.  It was a great day for sports photography.

umpire watches Jetro FC and Suns FC run for ball at Yokohama Country and Athletic Club

This time the venue would not be in Tokyo or Saitama.  It would be in Kanagawa Prefecture.  It was roughly a two-hour journey to the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club (YC&AC) from my house.  Yes, it was a little far.

Suns FC player chasing Jetro FC player for soccer ball

YC&AC club is a fantastic facility.  It is on a hilltop in the southern area of Yokohama.  The club isn’t only about soccer; there are facilities for various sports.  You can play cricket, swimming, snooker, tennis, and many others.

The club got its start thanks to Scottish cricketer James Pender Mollison.  He founded Yokohama Cricket Club way back in 1868.  It was in the middle of Yokohama Park, not too far away.  As the name suggests, it was only about one sport.

soccer at Yokohama Country and Athletic Club

Due to its popularity, the club absorbed various clubs.  Yokohama Foot Ball Club (Rugby Union), athletics, baseball and tennis clubs were among them.  The new group was named Yokohama Country & Athletic Club.  

Jetro FC and Suns FC push each other to get ball

In 1912 YC&AC moved to Yamate.  Now, the club is on top of a hill with views of the port of Yokohama and the bay.  I doubt you could find a better facility in Kanagawa.

Jetro FC and Suns FC players running for soccer ball

Let’s get back to the game.  I arrived ten minutes before it began.  Quickly I introduced myself to the referee, Kazu, a very welcoming man, and rushed to get ready.  It wasn’t until the half-time break I turned around to see the view behind me.  When I did, I got a pleasant surprise.  That view I talked about earlier?  It was good!  There were lots of big ships at the port and out on the water.

Jetro FC and Suns FC fight for ball

And the teams?  They looked good.  Jetro looked resplendent in their blue uniforms.  The Suns looked equally good in their brilliant yellow shirts and black shorts.

Suns FC players celebrate victory at Yokohama Country and Athletic Club

The game was over in a flash.  It ended with the Suns winning 3-1.  Luckily, I had one more soccer game to photograph after it.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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