Spring Rose Festival 2020 at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens

Spring Rose Festival 2020 at Kyu-Furukawa Gardens made up for a few things. Why? Because that year hadn’t been the best year for photography. It had been bad on so many levels. There was so much trouble and uncertainty. When would the pandemic end? Even now, in 2022, we still don’t know. So, we need a few things to give us a little happiness. These flowers brought a little happiness to Tokyo.

Once again, I got to the garden a little early! That was nothing new. My timing is always off. Actually, I rang its office the day before and asked about the roses’ condition. Rain was forecast for the coming week, so I wanted some pictures. And I wanted to shoot some flowers. I missed doing that type of photography very much. Heck, I wanted to enjoy fragrant rose plants.

I shouldn’t complain too much. Tokyo had been very lucky compared to the rest of the world. Still, the economic hardship some people had suffered here was quite bad. The city needed something to put some life back into it. Something that would give it a little zing! I’m sure many people would appreciate that.

How was Spring Rose Festival 2020?

The roses were good. While they weren’t at their peak, they looked good. And there was a crowd to see them.  It didn’t rain for the festival if I remember correctly. I’m sure plenty of people visited Kyu-Furukawa Gardens that week.

Autumn might have been what the city needed mentally. Summer, while green, is usually hot and very oppressive. With the change in season, we saw more color return to nature. These roses were a good start. They do brighten things up!


Have you read my article about Kyu-Furukawa Garden? The link to it is below. The park is a little piece of England in Tokyo. I’m sure its designer, Josiah Conder, would be happy with it because the spring rose festival happens every year!

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