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The Statue of Liberty in Tokyo

Odaiba’s Statue of Liberty is a popular tourist attraction.  From the deck in front of it, you can enjoy great views of the city skyline, Tokyo Tower,  and Rainbow Bridge.  It provides so many chances to get some memorable photos.

Statue of Liberty Love

Everyone knows of the more famous statue in New York.  Are they the same?  No, the Odaiba one is different in a few respects, such as:

  • stands on the beach on a platform
  • doesn’t face the water
  • is smaller.  

Why does Tokyo have a Statue of Liberty?

If you are wondering why it is in Japan, it is simple. France donated it to celebrate “French year in Japan” in 1998, and it stayed for about two years.  That means there have been two on the same spot!  It was so popular they returned it.  That happened in 2000 and has been there ever since.

Statue of Liberty in foreground, Rainbow Bridge in middle, Tokyo Tower in rear

How to photograph the statue?

Behind the statue are two iconic Tokyo structures, Rainbow Bridge AND Tokyo Tower.  The view is magnificent, especially at sunset. Nighttime is also great when everything lights up.  You have so many choices.

Statue of Liberty

The interesting thing about it is the size, only 12.25 meters high.  But, if you photo it from the walkway, it is still big enough to block most of the view.  You will need some space to include the bridge and tower.  Or you could try being creative. 

Statue of Liberty Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower

So, where is the best place to get your picture? 

My recommendation is the deck of Aqua City Odaiba. It’s good because you don’t only get the statue, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower.  You also get the people on the boardwalk, which can make your photograph a little different. Nighttime can make it doubly good.  There is also a big love sign which can give you some options.

Sun position

The sun’s position can be important, depending upon what type of picture you want.  During the warmer months, it will be close to or over Rainbow Bridge.  In the later/early part of the year, it will be in the direction of the ocean, i.e., the left of the bridge.

Statue of Liberty and Odaiba boardwalk

Where is Tokyo’s Statue of Liberty?

As you’ve already read, it is on a pedestal in front of Aqua City Odaiba.  It is only a short walk from From Daiba Station.  Here is a Google map:

Wrapping up

To be honest, visiting the statue is not high on my list of things to do as I’ve seen it many times. Still, I can understand why so many do.  The view is superb, and Odaiba has so many things to do.  You can have a good day out there.

If you want some “Tokyo” pictures, this is one of the many places I recommend. And as it is in Odaiba, there is a lot to explore plus the shopping. The Yurikamome line stations are also very close.  That makes getting there from Shinbashi (i.e., Yamanote line access to the rest of the city) easy. It is a great place to spend some time. And if you have time you might even want to walk Rainbow Bridge.

Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge

And lastly, I got a pleasant surprise when I took these latest pictures.  Liberty had gotten a wash!  She looked very clean.  And the fencing around it has gone, which means you can take selfies in front of her again!

For more art and statues in Tokyo:

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