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Strangers at Yoyogi Park doing their Rockabilly thing

In December 2019, I went to see the Strangers at Yoyogi Park after a break of nearly two years.  They were still the same, very cool.  Every Sunday, they pull out all the stops to keep the fifties alive.  

Stranger dancer down on one knee and other leg outstretched

When the music started, they pulled out their combs and slicked back their hair.  Then they did their air guitar routines and danced the afternoon away to the tunes of rock and roll’s golden age.  Anyone who loved Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis would be right at home.

Fairlady member in black and sunglasses dancing

It was a good day, except for the intermittent light rain.  Luckily, I got to see another group, Fairlady.  It was my first time to see these guys in black leather along with some big pompadours and ducktails.  They proved that rockabilly is still alive and well in Tokyo.

It is interesting looking at these people.  They seem to range from middle-aged to the younger generation.  Every time I go, I see the same faces.  They all seem to be huge fans of the music and the lifestyle.  It would be hard to imagine a Sunday afternoon at Yoyogi Park without them.

Stranger Rockabilly member with sunglasses and gloves
Strangers at Yoyogi Park dancing

I’m still waiting to get a good photo of these people.  But there is always some distraction behind them.  That can’t be helped as the Park is a popular place and people are always in the background.  It’s just a case of repeatedly going until it happens.

Strangers at Yoyogi Park dancing Rockabilly
female Stranger Rockabilly dancer in blue jeans and black leather jacket at Yoyogi Park

If you are ever in Harajuku on the weekend, you should drop by and see the Strangers at Yoyogi Park.  They show that cool things never go out of style.  Just make sure to pack a comb and some hair cream.  

Strangers at Yoyogi Park

There is another article on the website with pictures taken two years earlier.  They are the coolest people around.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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