Street scenes and disappointment from Shinjuku

Kabukicho Godzilla
Godzilla looks down on Kabukicho.

Street scenes from Shinjuku.  That was my goal for this article.  After finishing my photos, I looked at them on my computer screen and felt a little depressed.  In a way, it felt like a day of little return for my efforts.  Why?

One thing true about Tokyo is winter fashion can be bland.  Really?  Yeah, I think so.  It’s like most people dress using the same color palette.  Black, blue and brown are very common.  Sometimes, you’ll see white.

Shinjuku street

To see someone stand out on the street is fairly rare.  I see seas of blandness.  But, please don’t talk about my personal fashion.  I know I’m one of the most unfashionable people there are!  My excuse is that I take the photos, not a subject of them.

omoide yokocho
Memory Alley in black and white.

The next problem.  Do I walk too much?  That might be a strange question.  I was on the move for nearly four hours when I took these photos.  If I couldn’t find something interesting, I’d move on.  In short, I’m unsure what I should be doing.

pedestrian crossing people

This leads me to an important question.  What is street photography?  Is it streets?  People?  Interesting looking people?  Is it something else?  Architecture and buildings?  Could it be a combination of many things?  It’s confusing.

Shinjuku Musashino street

A photographer friend of mine once said he liked my Instagram feed but could never identify a photo made by me.  He explained that I wasn’t consistent.  I jumped between photographic genres.  My editing styles changed according to the weather.  Now I understood what he was getting at.

Shinjuku night scene

I wish I could find some answers.  If you could tell me what you think, I’d appreciate that.  Some outside help might be good.

Motorbike Shinjuku

Anyway, on the way home, I started thinking and I had a few ideas after reading some articles on my phone.  If I want to shoot people, I need to find the type of people I want to photograph.  They aren’t going to appear in front of me in some random place.  I need to go to the places where they hang out.  If I want fashionable people, Harajuku would be best.  Anyway, it is something for me to think about more.

plastic soba display
100% plastic, wax and resin. Just for display.

Still, I enjoyed my time in Shinjuku.  Once again, I used the X-T3 and Fujifilm 35mm F2.  It performed well.  But I would like to upgrade my camera to the X-T5.  With its IBIS I could shoot with slower shutter speeds.  That would give me more flexibility.

Nishi Shinjuku buildings

What do you think of these street scenes from Shinjuku?  Most of the photos are from near the station, but I also went to Nishi-Shinjuku and Kabukicho.  As always, I made a point of dropping by Omoide-Yokocho (Memory Alley). 

Gindaco shop
Are you a takoyaki fan?

These photos weren’t disastrous, but I definitely feel disappointed.  Hopefully, I learned something from the experience.  I’ll move on.

I love Kabukicho sign

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