Sukiyabashi Crossing is Shibuya Crossing’s best alternative

Photographers love Tokyo’s pedestrian crossings because they are great people magnets. The most famous is in Shibuya. But some consider it overused. There are alternatives. Luckily, one is in Ginza’s Sukiyabashi. 

Let’s not fool ourselves, though. Sukiyabashi Crossing can get crowded, but it doesn’t compare to Shibuya Crossing when it was at its pre-pandemic height (i.e., pre-2020). The number of people that use them is vastly different. 

Sukiyabashi offers a new perspective. You can get above the crossing! Isn’t that something different?

How to photograph Sukiyabashi Crossing

  • You can photograph it from the ground, of course. But the best place is the terrace of Tokyu Plaza Ginza shopping center. On its top floor, there are some out-sloped windows. They will make you feel like you are a little over the crossing. Well, it’ll feel like you are almost over it!
  • If you want to include the Fujiya building over the road in your photos, use a wide-angle lens. But be careful of the window frames, as they might enter your photo.
  • Take a zoom and you’ll be able to capture any interesting person or vehicle below.

What is on the top floor of Tokyu Plaza Ginza?

The observation floor is more of a terrace area on top of the building. It’s an open space with tables, chairs, and benches for people who need a break from shopping. Then there are the windows to enjoy the view. Luckily it looks down on Sukiyabashi.

Problems with the terrace windows

  • The windows are wide, but they can be a little dirty sometimes.
  • Even though the windows offer some space, where you stand does not. You might need to share the windows above the crossing with others.

Tokyu Plaza Ginza information

See the store’s location, opening hours, and other details on the official website.

Wrapping up

Sukiyabashi Crossing is an excellent alternative to Shibuya. It mightn’t have huge crowds of people walking across it, but it’s no slouch either. Thanks to those sloping windows, you can get closer to it. The perspective is fascinating!

And the other good thing is that you are in Ginza. That puts you near some other great place for photos. You might also try:

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