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Sumida River Cherry Blossoms 2021

In 2021 another place I saw the cherry blossoms was along the Sumida River, near Asakusa.  I hadn’t been there since 2018.  It was good to see those trees again.  The weather was superb, just how I like it – a little cloud under the blue sky.  It was a great day for photography.

ferry boat with cherry blossoms and expressway behind

After leaving the Ginza Metro Line, I made my way to the surface.  I planned to walk one side of the Sumida River, from Azuma Bridge to Sakura Bridge.  Then I would come back on the other.  It seemed like a pretty good idea.  Actually, I walk the same route every time I go.

ferry boat on Sumida River
Sumida Park cherry blossoms

I was surprised by how many people were there.  But then again, I shouldn’t have been, considering the weather.  It was the perfect day.  Well, it was almost perfect; the trees were probably at 80% of their best.  They looked pretty good.

On both banks of the river, people were taking pictures.  Others were eating and drinking.  Some were just enjoying the weather by reading a book.  They seemed to have pushed their problems aside for the day.

people walking on bank of Sumida River under cherry blossoms

The only thing that seemed different that year was the ferries.  During any cherry blossom season, they are usually overflowing with people.  This time, they weren’t.  They seemed empty.  I should have expected that as the pandemic was with us.

cherry blossom trees

Of course, the star of the day was Tokyo Skytree.  It looked majestic as it rose above the local landscape.  It looked beautiful with all the trees under it.  This year was the first time I have ever been satisfied with the pictures I took of it.  For me, it was the perfect afternoon.

people photographing park cherry blossoms
yellow rapeseed with woman taking picture on cellphone behind

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If you have any questions or comments about these pictures, please leave them below.  And if you went to the Sumida River to see the cherry blossoms, let us know what you thought about them.

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