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My thoughts on Tokyo’s teamLab Borderless

TeamLab Borderless was the world’s first museum dedicated to digital art.  It’s not the typical type with fixed exhibits.  This one is full of brilliant, colorful displays in a state of constant motion.  You can understand why the Instagrammer and smartphone generation loves it.  

Line of people waiting to enter Forest of Resonating Lamps room

Technologically, it’s incredible.  The 10,000 square meter space uses projectors and over 500 computers to create a unique experience.  I doubt you could find it elsewhere.  And it is something you can only see once because every few minutes, the art changes.  It’s a feast for the eyes.

People taking photos at teamLab Borderless Universe of Water room

As you walk, you might see a display of vivid red flowers on one wall.  Then a few meters away might be some colorful streamers making their way over a ghostly whale on another.  Moments later, it will be something, colors and all, completely different.  Some even react to touch.  It stimulates the senses.  

But you need to exercise patience at times because it can get crowded.  That can make getting photographs difficult in some places.  You often have to wait for people to move.  Some find a nice spot to take a selfie, then stay there and retake it many times until it is perfect.   That can be stressful at times.  Of course, you might choose to walk past them.

many red lamps in Forest of Resonating lamps

Taking photos, for me anyway, was difficult.  Most of the time, I had to use a very high ISO.  With the rooms so dark, it was unavoidable.  I could have used a lower setting, but that might have led to motion blur when people moved through the frame.  That was something I wanted to avoid.  

Me taking selfie at mirror in Forest of Flowers and People

And that leads me to my last point.  If I were to go again, I’d probably use my smartphone.  With so many people and the scenes changing so quickly, bigger cameras are at a disadvantage.  The other thing is that I doubt I’d ever print or blow up any pictures from a teamLab visit, so my phone is enough.

People taking pictures in front of yellow flower projections on blue waterfall

Where is teamLab Borderless?

teamLab Borderless is on the second floor of the Palette Town shopping in Odaiba.  You should find it easily.  The closest station is Aomi on the Yurikamome line.  Here is a map:

Opening hours

Please consult the website at the bottom of this page.

Ticket prices

Three thousand two hundred yen and must be purchased through the website at the bottom of this page.

People walking through corridors of Forest of Flowers

Useful tips for a visit to teamLab Borderless

  • Some surfaces in the museum are uneven, and there are even some nets.  That will make walking in high heels very difficult!  Sneakers are preferable.
  • There is no floor guide inside.  Visitors should explore.  But, if you get lost, there will be staff you can ask for guidance.
  • Wear white clothes!  That will make you look like a part of the exhibition when the lights hit you.  I saw some people wearing white, and they looked fabulous!
2 women in Universe of Water room lit with blue light and yellow flowers

For other photo spots near teamLab, look at:

Still, as an experience, I enjoyed it very much.  If you are an Instagram lover, you should go. You can see the teamLab Borderless website here to get full details. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

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