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A photographer’s guide to Telecom Center

Telecom Center Observatory in Odaiba is great for one thing.  It has a killer view that you will find hard to match in Tokyo.  If you want a unique photo of two iconic places in this city, it is the best place to go.  It is one of my favorite places.

Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower and city skyline at night

Those iconic places are Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower behind it.  Odaiba is in front of them.  The city skyline is everywhere else!  During the day, it looks good.  Good, but not great.

Toyosu tower apartments, Giant Sky Wheel Ferris Wheel and Tokyo Skytree_2

But if the weather is kind, the sunsets will be incredible.  And so will the nights.  If forced to choose, I don’t know which I’d pick.  One is about the sky, and the other is about seeing the city come alive.  Both are excellent.

You can also photograph Odaiba’s Ferris Wheel and Tokyo Skytree from the same windows. On the other side of the same window, you might see Mt. Fuji if you luck out with the weather.  That is something I haven’t been lucky with yet! 

Odaiba area at sunset

The views from the other windows are average.  You can see Tokyo Gate Bridge to the east, but between it and the observatory is a port.  It’s not very interesting unless a big ship comes in.  

In the southern corner are the Aomi Container Area and Haneda Airport.  To photograph the airport, you’ll need a good zoom lens. So, in all honesty, some of the views aren’t impressive.  My advice is to skip them and concentrate on Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower. 

One problem with this observatory is that it doesn’t have a full 360’ view, only about 270’.  And as it is only twenty-one floors up. It isn’t that high. 

Tokyo Gate Bridge and port area
Tokyo Gate Bridge.

Why do photographers like Telecom Center?

Here is a partial list of some of the things you can photograph from the observatory:

  • Odaiba
  • Port area of Tokyo
  • Rainbow Bridge
  • Tokyo Gate Bridge
  • Tokyo skyline
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Tokyo Tower

Photography tips

  • You can use tripods.
  • It is inside shooting, so be prepared for glare on the windows.
  • There are tables and ledges to rest your camera for long exposures (so you mightn’t even need a tripod).
Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower

Where is Telecom Center?

The observatory is in the Telecom Center building.  And the closest station is Telecom Center, just outside.  Once inside, take the elevator, which is on the left side of the building, to the twenty-first floor.

Here is a Google map:

Opening hours

Telecom Center is currently closed.  When it reopens, I’ll let you know.

Admission costs

Five hundred yen (cash only).

Other photo spots near Telecom Center

Wrapping up

Odaiba, Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower at sunset

Telecom Center should be on your list if you want a good picture of Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower together.  It also has free WIFI and binoculars, which is nice.  And, as you can use tripods, it is worthwhile going there for that one shot.

And I’d appreciate it if you could remember I took these photos in 2018. The style is a little different from what I do now. If you call them ugly, I won’t object! Once the observatory opens, I will retake them. It’s just a matter of waiting. Any questions and comments can be left below.

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