The beautiful cats of Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for its beautiful cat. You’ll find many in cafes over the city. Many people have them as pets, but there are strays too. They just walk into a place and take it over. Some are quite famous and the subject of photographers. Here are a few of my favorite felines. I hope you like them.

I caught this one at Taisoji temple in Shinjuku, near Shinjuku Gyoen. It was waiting for a friendly person who regularly fed it and its friends. They seemed to have everything. All they had to do was laze around and wait for dinner! Such a life. They’ve had an excellent life for the last few years, at least.

Many strays also hang out in cemeteries. And this attracts cat lovers who feed them. You’ll often see signs around the grounds discouraging this practice.  The reason for this is that felines cause some problems.  Anyway, I caught this one at Somei Cemetery near Sugamo Station. He ran off a couple of times as I got close, but eventually, I snapped him in the end!

I don’t think things get better than this. You’ll find quite a few cats hanging out at temples, which is where I found this guy. It’s another I’ve seen several times. When we meet, it is usually on the back verandah of Zojoji. He used to run off when I got close. This time, the camera didn’t scare him off. I was able to get reasonably close and snap off a few pictures. He didn’t bat an eyelid the whole time.

I found this tabby at East Ikebukuro Central Park, near Sunshine City. It looked like it, and a couple of friends were leading a life of luxury. This one was the most spoiled. Many people seemed drawn to it by the blue and green eyes.

This isn’t the end of Tokyo’s beautiful cats. More will appear as time goes by. Please leave your questions and comments below.

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