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The grave of Hideki Tojo at Zoshigaya Cemetery

Hideki Tojo. Was he revered or reviled?  There is no easy answer to that one.  It often depends on who you are talking to and maybe even their nationality.  But, he was a politician and general of the Imperial Japanese Army.  He was also the country’s twenty-seventh prime minister.  Tojo was a member of the group that advocated a “preventive war” against the United States.  You can find his resting place in Zoshigaya Cemetery. 

grave of Hideki Tojo

His grave is not difficult to find.  There is nothing flashy about it at all.  As you can see in the photos, it is well-kept and often has fresh flowers.  Even today, many visitors pay respects at Tojo’s grave.  It would be fair to say that he still commands respect in Japan.

tombstone of Tojo Hideki grave

Tojo’s story is quite long and involved.  And I won’t comment on his trial.  That has already been well-documented.  But here is a brief explanation of why he ended up in Zoshigaya Cemetery.

Hideki Tojo’s life after the war

After the war, the Occupation Forces arrested Tojo, but not before attempting suicide.   Upon his recovery, he was sent to Sugamo Prison.  The International Military Tribunal for the Far East found him guilty of war crimes on November 12, 1948.  

Hideki Tojo tombstone inscription

Tojo’s life ended in prison on December 23, 1948.  He was executed by hanging.  Half of his ashes were enshrined at Yasukuni Shrine.  The other was buried at Zoshigaya Cemetery in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward, where you can find his grave.

If you are wondering about Sugamo Prison, it is now long gone.  While the air raids of World War Two razed Tokyo, it escaped damage.  It ceased functioning in 1962 and was demolished in 1971.  

Tojo Hideki tombstone

Today, the Sunshine 60 skyscraper is on its site.  That is now home to the Sky Circus observatory.  You can see read an article about it here. The building is only a few hundred meters from Zoshigaya Cemetery!

Hideki Tojo grave

Where is the grave of Hideki Tojo?

It’s not far from the administration office.  I would recommend you pick up a cemetery map there.  His grave is on it.  It is number thirty-five.

grave of Hideki Tojo at Zoshigaya cemetery

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