My favorite Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 cars

One of my favorite annual events is the Tokyo Auto Salon. It is a lot of fun. You can enjoy a lot of amazing cars, and you get to see some great models. Well, this year, I didn’t see many of the girls, but I saw a lot of vehicles. Here are my top 10 (not in any particular order)! I hope it meets your approval.

 1.  Honda Civic Type R: This car looked amazing. It was black and had Rs in red and cars in white all over it. The effect made it look like scribble at a cursory glance. Visually, it was the best-looking car at the show.

2.  Ferrari Monza SP2: What can I say? It’s a Ferrari. However, this one looks slightly different from what the company usually produces. It has the look of a classic roadster from the 1920s or 30s. With a powerful V12 engine and a beautiful interior, buyers surely can’t be far away.

3.  Bedford campervan: There’s nothing more to be said. How could this one not be on a top 10 list?

4.  Toyota Zent Cerumo GR Supra: This car looked the part in its red and white color scheme. And it brought back some memories from my youth.

5. Anija Lamborghini: The color scheme for this car was inspired. Silver, blue, and speed. It had style.

6.  Toyota GR GT3 Concept Car: This one looked dangerous. The vehicle seemed so sleek it had an air of menace to it. Whoever drives it is undoubtedly in for some thrills.

7.  Datsun 240Z: My father had a 280ZX when I was in high school. It was a beautiful car to drive. I didn’t see one of those at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, but I saw this. That was reason enough to include it in this list.

8.  Subaru BRZ: If I had the money, I’d buy this car. Good enough to drive on the road and do well on the track. 

9.  Toyota Orc Rookie Corolla H2 Concept Car: This car was hydrogen-powered if I’m not mistaken. Combine that with the color scheme, and you have a winner for sure.

10. Toyota GR010 Hybrid Race Car: Imagine doing some laps around Le Mans in this vehicle. Thinking about it makes my head spin.

I saw a lot of cars, some excellent ones. But these were the ones that appealed to me the most. Do you agree with me? Or are my choices crazy? What do you think?

Anyway, Tokyo Auto Salon is a tremendous car show.  You should visit it if you have the chance.  I’m already looking forward to visiting the event again in 2023.

Attendance Tokyo Auto Salon 2022

  • Friday (January 14) 24,934
  • Saturday (January 15) 53,771
  • Sunday (January 16) 48,164

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