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Tokyo Game Show 2016

2016 Tokyo Game Show was a big event.  That year I went on the final day when the crowd was huge.  But that was okay because I went to take photos.

Female assassin cosplayer with 2 pistols

The first time I went to the Tokyo Game Show was in 2014. I was unsure if I could get some interesting pictures back then. As things turned out, I worried needlessly.  With so many models and booths, it was easy to find subjects.

2016 Tokyo Game Show crowd

In 2016 there were many new titles and an explosion in virtual reality games at the show.  As well as photos, I spent a lot of time watching stage events and people playing games.   

One of the surprising things was that World of Tanks/Wargaming.net downsized. Their booth was still strong with a great stage event. For a tank, they had a Type 95. That was much smaller than 2015’s giant O-Ho. But the models put on a superb performance for the photographers. 

World of Tanks female model on Japanese Type 95 tank

Then there was Resident Evil, or Biohazard, as Japan calls it.  In 2015, its booth was rather lackluster.  But 2016 was different.  Their team put in a tremendous effort and produced something outstanding.  And the trailer playing on the huge TV screen looked fantastic and attracted a huge crowd.  It tempted me to buy it, even though I no longer play that type of game. 

Model with spade in Resident Evil booth
Part of the Resident Evil/Biohazard booth.

Sony had an enormous presence with its PlayStation.  Of all the games there for it, the best-looking was Grand Turismo.  The graphics for it were beyond belief.  They looked incredible. I wanted to try it, but the game always pulls huge crowds. Lining up for them can be a time sink.  I’m there to take photographs.

man playing naval VR game in green booth

Tokyo Game Show is always a great event.  Unfortunately, it is so crowded that it would be impossible to play every game there over its two days.  Still, if you are into gaming of any type, you should visit it at least once in your life. 

people playing Polyphony Digital Gran Turismo at Tokyo Game Show 2016

Are you wondering how many people attended Tokyo Game Show 2016?  The number for 2015 was 112 230.  2016 saw 108117, so there was a slight decrease.

3 Konami models in sexy red outfits at Tokyo Game Show 2016
Konami models doing their thing.

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