Nishi-Shinjuku Junction light trails

Nishi-Shinjuku Junction and beautiful light trails

Home Nishi-Shinjuku Junction with light trails and Tokyo Opera City! Nishi-Shinjuku Junction is another Tokyo giant octopus. Another is at Hakozaki. Both have so many ramps to make up their legs. It’s an incredible piece of engineering. I love this place for long-exposure photographs. You’ll have many beautiful light trails to brighten it up. You …

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Minions marathon runner

Tokyo Marathon 2023

Home Tokyo Marathon 2023 started with the wheelchairs. The Tokyo Marathon takes place annually in late February or early March. It is one of the six World Marathon Majors. The event attracts elite and recreational runners worldwide.  It is very prestigious. Of course, it attracts many photographers! Tokyo Marathon 2023 was a sea of people. …

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