Tokyo International Forum night photos

Tokyo International Forum building night

I’ve often photographed Tokyo International Forum. A few years ago, I shot it at night.  But I never put those photos on this blog.  Finally, I have got some for you now. 

Of all the indoor architectural photoshoots I’ve done, this one was the most enjoyable. Why? On the night, I didn’t take my first picture until 7 pm, when people were starting to go home. So the place was emptier than usual.  And I could tell from the lighting in the building that things were going to turn out well.

Tokyo International Forum interior
building interior corridor

I love Tokyo International Forum’s lights.  At night they give the building’s interior an ethereal feeling.  Whoever installed them was inspired.  They are gorgeous.  Night photos there look so different from daytime ones.

Tokyo International Forum interior night

It was also good to walk around the building with few people there. I was shooting mainly long exposures and so got a few “ghosts” as they walked by. But I thought that added to the atmosphere of the shoot.

ghostly figure walking in lobby
Tokyo International Forum upper level walkway

This time I also shot a little differently.  I’ve always been a little overawed by the building.  After all, it is one of my favorites in Tokyo.  In the past, I always shot the structure’s main parts. This time I tried to include a few lines and curves.

spacious Tokyo International Forum interior

Something that caught my eye was the ceiling. It was easy to see why it impresses people.  Look straight up next time you go.  You’ll see what I mean.  The beams looked like the rib bones of a giant sperm whale.

Tokyo International Forum ceiling
Tokyo International Forum sloping walkway

I did have one problem.  Some upper-level areas have glass barriers.  They are there to stop things from falling into the lobby area below.  They are almost as high as my tripod!  So I couldn’t capture as wide an area as I wanted in some places.

One day, I’ll go back again. When will that be? No idea, but I’m keen to do another night shoot. Until then, I hope you enjoy these pictures. As always, if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

Tokyo International Forum fly bridge
Tokyo International Forum interior detail

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