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My photos from Tokyo Motor Show 2017

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 seems like it happened so long ago.  It was my fourth time there, and I got to see some superb vehicles.  Petrolheads who went were probably in their seventh heaven!

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Toyota HV Sports concept car

I like cars and bikes, but I’m not knowledgeable about them.  That’s a pity because I wanted to tell you something useful.  Did you know I don’t even have a driving license?  Anyway, here is some stuff that got my attention.

Nissan IMx concept car.

The first was Nissan’s iMX Zero-Emission concept car which had autonomous driving modes and gesture controls.  With its 600-kilometer range, the future looked bright.  By the looks of it, families would be happy.

Tokyo Motor Show 2017 Porsche 911 race car
Porsche 911 sports car.

The Mitsubishi Emirai 4 looked futuristic.  It had an unbelievable range of features.  There were sensors to track the driver and give them appropriate warnings.  It could also project an image onto the road and warning lights on the car’s rear to alert passersby.  

Suzuki e-survivor
Suzuki e-survivor.
BMW i8

We must remember that many of the displays looked like mockups, especially the Emirai.  They showcased new technologies that might be possible. I wonder if any made it into production vehicles? 

Honda NSX.

For something more conventional, there was the Honda Sports EV concept car.  It had a more retro look incorporating artificial intelligence.  And it would be all-electric.

Porsche with model

There were so many great cars and bikes at the show.  I wish I knew more about them.  Some of the others were from Germany (Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, and Audi) and France (Renault and Peugeot).  To be honest, most of the stuff at the show was incredible, and I haven’t even talked about the motorbikes and trucks.  The only thing missing was the American manufacturers.

Lexus car at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

There were a lot of virtual reality technologies that year.  Some seemed very usable.  If you wanted to try them, you needed to join one of the long lines.  Unfortunately, I didn’t as I had photos to take.

Sedan at Tokyo Motor Show 2017

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 Did any of you go to Tokyo Motor Show 2017 at Tokyo Big Sight?  Let us know if you did. If you have any questions or comments, please use the space below!

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