Tokyo Motor Show 2019: A Car Enthusiast’s Paradise

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Honda NSX
Honda NSX.

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 was great for car lovers. It was about production cars, motorbikes, commercial and concept vehicles. I went to one of the business days, and even though there were changes to previous years, I enjoyed myself.

I don’t know a lot about cars, so I won’t bore you with my lack of knowledge. The pictures should tell you everything you need to know! For me, Nissan and Lexus were outstanding. They were clearly the best.

Lexus LC 500 car
Lexus LC 500.

Nissan had a brilliant stage that got its inspiration from autumn! It was very artistic. And Lexus presented an outstanding concept car, which looked very cool and futuristic. Hopefully, its technology matches.

Honda Super Four motorbike
A Honda Super Four motorbike.

Honda had a great booth! They had new models and a mini-museum. Vehicles and bikes that contributed to the company’s racing history filled it.

Nissan Leaf race car
Nissan Leaf race car.

I was a little surprised to see TAS there. But some pre-advertising doesn’t hurt, I guess. Of course, it brought along a few of its famous cars.  They were all style!

Nissan GTR
The fabulous Nissan GTR.

There were changes. One was attendance. Only 192 carmakers and related industry organizations took part. For me, it was unfortunate to see Tokyo Motor Show 2019 with no Porsche booth. Other overseas makers that skipped the event included Volkswagen, Audi, Citroen, and Volvo. Still, Tokyo Big Sight didn’t look empty.

Nissan Ariya car
Nissan Ariya.

Another was the almost complete absence of models. I’m not talking about car models. I mean the human ones! There were very few. Most of the cars had no one beside them. But maybe that is not a bad thing. Now people can concentrate on looking at and photographing the cars.  That should be the show’s target.

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 Mitsubishi concept car Mi-Tech.
The Mitsubishi concept car Mi-Tech.

And for the first time, a display area was at Megaweb, in Aomi. That meant the Tokyo Motor Show was split in two. There, participants will be able to experience the mobility theme park. That was more for commercial exhibits. It also had a 1.5-kilometer road. People could test-drive electric scooters and personal mobility platforms on it.

Nissan Fairlady Z 50th Anniversay edition car
My favorite, the Nissan Fairlady Z 50th Anniversay edition.

The show ran until November 4. Yes, it was different this time. But most of the changes were positive, especially with the attractions at Aomi.

Where was Tokyo Motor Show 2019 held?

Tokyo Motor Show 2019 was held at Tokyo Big Sight and Aomi.

Kuhl Racing Chevrolet Impala 1958
A Kuhl Racing Chevrolet Impala 1958 promoting the Tokyo Auto Salon.

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