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‘Twas the Night before Halloween 2019

The last week of October 2019 saw Shibuya Halloween return.  Crowds came in costume.  Many were there to spectate.  People flooded the famous crossing and Center Gai.  For about a week, that scene repeated every night.  Tokyoites were out for fun! 

Shibuya vampire

With a ban on drinking, Halloween 2019 was quieter.  The crowd was well-behaved.  However, it was Shibuya, and the number of people choked some places.  

Shibuya undead brides
Shibuya Halloween 2019 witch

The police wanted to avoid a repeat of chaotic scenes from the previous year.  When groups were standing around, they moved them along.  I appreciated what they were trying to do.  But they went a little too far and pounced on so many.  It must have taken the fun out of the night for many people. 

As always, the costumes were fantastic.  People put a lot of effort into them.  My pick was a guy dressed as a corpse.  It was a little on the grotesque side, but it was very realistic.  He looked thoroughly dead and even had worms all over his body.

Shibuya Halloween undead school girls
Shibuya Halloween 2019 corpse

Police aside, Halloween 2019 was great.  Probably not as good as in previous years, but it was enjoyable.  I’ve got no idea about crowd numbers, but I feel they were down on 2018.   If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.

Shibuya Halloween taxis
Shibuya Halloween 2019 undead beauty queen

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