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The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show returned in 2021

The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show returned for its pre-30th time in 2021.  Pre-30th?  Yes, with the event canceled in 2020, it seemed like the best name.  No one likes to see great car events wasted.  I was very happy to be back there.

Ford Fairlane Hot Rod Custom Car

But it meant I was up at 4 am to get on the train to Pacifico Yokohama.  That was quite hard, especially as it was a cold morning.  And getting a local train all the way there was a little taxing.  Maybe one year, I’ll go a little later!

classic American Hot Rod Custom Car

What can I say about the show?  The hotrods were amazing.  So much time and effort go into them.  Many had that classic look.  Of course, there were modern designs as well.

This year, with restrictions still in place on visitors to Japan, no foreign cars were there.  That was a real pity.  I was hoping to catch up with some of them who I hadn’t seen since the 2019 show.  

1950 Metal Warrior Chevrolet

And the best car?  Like every show, that is a tricky question to answer.  I saw a lot I liked.  There were some awesome motorbikes and caravans too.  But if you twisted my arm and forced an answer, I’d probably say the 1950 Metal Warrior Chevrolet.  The lines and color of the car captivated me.  Hiroyuki Kitayama, the owner, must be very proud of it.

classic silver Hot Rod Custom Car

As always, it was one cool hot rod among many!  I’m guessing there were a few I didn’t see on the day.  That couldn’t be helped as there were so many cars and bikes at the Pan Pacifico convention/exhibit center.  I hope the event can get more exposure, as it will also help Tokyo/Japan tourism.

Hot Rod Custom Car in indoor exhibition hall_

The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show started thirty years ago, in 1991.  At that time they started with only thirty cars.  Only a tiny part of the exhibit center was used.  Now there isn’t any space left!  How much more can it grow?  

Hot Rod Custom Car with green flames

I’d like to thank the organizers, Mooneyes Japan, for inviting me to the event.  It was much appreciated!  Next year’s 30th-anniversary event should be a blast.  

open coupe Hot Rod Custom Car

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