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Yushima Seido is pretty in autumn

I’ve been to Yushima Seido many times.  But, 2021 was my first time there in autumn.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Around me were black walls.  Above them were the yellow leaves of the ginkgo trees.  Overhead were blue skies with a few clouds.  Everything was perfect.  I had the conditions to take the photographs I wanted.  It was as pretty as a picture.

Yushima Seido main hall

Luck was also with me, as there weren’t many visitors.  And more importantly, the ones there didn’t stay very long.  That meant I had the place to myself for the most part.

entrance to Yushima Seido

For a first autumn visit, it was brilliant.  The black surfaces against the blue sky and yellow leaves were beautiful.  And there was something even better.  As long as you photograph towards the temple’s main hall, you’ll have almost no other buildings in your pictures.

I’ve shot at this Tokyo temple a few times before.  Once was for its shadows.  Those can be beautiful.  If you have time, you should read that article with its black and white pictures.  That was one afternoon I particularly enjoyed.

Yushima Seido staircase
2 people praying at Yushima Seido one person walking in front

But which would I choose?  Black and white or color?  I like both of them.  But if I could only pick one, I’d probably go with the latter.  Why?  I like how the black, blue, and yellow play with each other.  That is very attractive.

Yushima Seido and courtyard
Ginkgo trees above temple

One day I’d like to find a model and do a photoshoot at Yushima Seido.  That might be very interesting.  I have a few ideas for that.  One day, I will do it.

Yushima Seido gate

Anyway, that is all for now.  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.  And if you have been to this temple, let us know what you think of it.

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