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Yushima Tenjin chrysanthemums 2021

In autumn 2021, I checked out Yushima Tenjin’s chrysanthemums. Earlier that day, I visited Shinjuku Gyoen to see its flowers. At that time, the weather was perfect. I lucked out as the conditions continued into the afternoon. It was an excellent day for flower photography.

Worshippers at main hall of Yushima Tenjin

As it was a weekday, the shrine wasn’t too crowded. Some had come to pray. But most wanted to see these pretty flowers. I’m sure they were impressed. What made me happy was not having to wait to take photos.

Chrysanthemums on Yushima Tenjin walkway

The chrysanthemums were excellent. They were as good as the ones I saw at Shinjuku Gyoen. The only difference was the way they were displayed.

I hope you don’t mind me voicing one complaint. Yushima Tenjin has one flaw. Concrete surrounds the shrine. It would be nice if there were more grass. The only “green” is near the plum blossom grove at the back, but it is pretty barren in autumn.

Yushima Tenjin chrysanthemums in booth

It isn’t a huge problem, though. The pretty chrysanthemums and the shrine keep your eyes fixed on them. I’ve only started to notice the concrete. Maybe I’ve been to the shrine so many times I was blind to it.

Yushima Tenjin kengai chrysanthemums 2021

If you are looking for something more “natural,” there is another shrine that fits the bill. You could visit Omiya Hachimangu in Suginami ward. It has far trees. Some might find it a little far out in the suburbs, though. Here, you are near Ueno. So, once you finish your visit, you won’t have far to go to see something.

Anyway, it didn’t detract from the displays. The ozukuri and ogiku were fabulous. I like those varieties a lot. But, this time, the kengai outdid them.

Yushima Tenjin chrysanthemums

Kengai are many hundreds of tiny flowers draped over a slightly arched lattice. They look like they are hanging over a cliff. These displays can be up to approximately two meters in length. Some were on the shrine’s steps, and they looked marvelous.

Yushima Tenjin ozukuri chrysanthemums 2021

As always, there was a monkey show. The cute guy put on a slapstick and acrobatic routine in front of an appreciative crowd. This type of entertainment is still popular in Japan.

Yushima Tenjin pink chrysanthemum

If you have seen chrysanthemums at any of the exhibits in Tokyo, please tell us about your visit. We’d love to hear about your experiences. Of course, there is an entire article about Yushima Tenjin on the site, so please check it out.

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