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Zenpukuji Park Cherry Blossoms 2018

For my last photoshoot of the 2018 cherry blossom season, I went to Zenpukuji Park.  It gets its name from the river that flows through it.  From my house, it’s about a ten-minute walk.   I’ve been there so many times over the years.  Local photographers love it.

cherry blossoms hang out over Zenpukuji river filled with petals

Zenpukuji Park is pretty when its cherry blossoms bloom along the concrete-lined banks.  The trees are pretty thick in many places, and flower-laden branches will hang out over the water.  In the spring, it looks fantastic.  It doesn’t attract huge crowds, except on the weekends, which is good.  The last thing we need in Tokyo is another overcrowded cherry blossom viewing spot. 

cherry blossoms at sunset
cherry blossoms over Zenpukuji River

It is a different type of park from what I usually photograph.  Places like Shinjuku Gyoen and Hamarikyu are picture-perfect.  They also have a history that is very important to the city of Tokyo.  Zenpukuji is different, as it is the type of place that gets well used.  It’s a working park.  People go there to play games, jog or walk a dog.  Picnics are popular there too.

Slightly off-topic, but I’ve realized something.  I’ve only ever seen cherry blossoms at parks or rivers in Tokyo.  Is that weird?  One day I should take a train somewhere to experience them in the country.  Would it be a different experience?  I’m such a city boy.

cherry blossom branch
people on pedestrian over river looking at cherry blossoms

Still, Zenpukuji is good enough for me, and I recommend it.  It is pretty large, and I haven’t seen it all. I usually enter it from Itsukaichikai Road and walk the loop that brings me back to the road.  That is quite a long walk already.  But, if you cross the street, the park continues and joins with Wadabori park.  That is something I haven’t seen yet.  If you have, please let me know what it is like, as I’d love to hear about it.

cherry blossoms over concreted banks of Zenpukuji River
Zenpukuji River between cherry blossoms trees on concreted banks

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Anyway, this was the last of my cherry blossom articles for 2018.  Please leave a comment!

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