Koenji Awa Odori 2023 female amigasa dancers

Hello! My name is Rohan, and I have a mission. I want to showcase the beauty and diversity of Tokyo through photography. My photos will capture its bustling streets and iconic landmarks. Through them, you’ll discover hidden gems and unique cultural experiences. You won’t only be observing this! Many articles include tips and tricks to help you take better photographs of these places.

Tokyo Skytree night illuminuated

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. And that is what I do. I strive to create content that shows the spirit of Tokyo. These photos will bring it to life.

Yabusame rider on brown horse

You’ll see so many places in Japan’s capital. Beautiful Meiji Shrine and the famous Tokyo Tower will be open to you. There are photos of parks filled with beautiful flowers. Car shows and their models will thrill you. This city has so much to see.

Fujimi keep

Join me on this journey and discover the unique charms of Tokyo through my lens. Click on an article to enter my photographic journal. And you’ll even learn where I took these photos so you can take them yourself. Please enjoy.

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Hikawa Maru and Yokohama Landmark Tower skyscraper
Photo Guide

Hikawa Maru Museum Ship Photography Guide

Home Hikawa Maru seen from the Yamashita Park rose garden. Hikawa Maru is a museum ship moored at Yokohama’s Yamashita Park. It once carried passengers across the Pacific Ocean to Canada and the United States. This beautiful boat had a thirty-year career that spanned from 1930 to 1960. It saw and did a lot. For photographers, it might be the

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